Bowdon Dog Company

Let us help you care for your VIP's

Dog Walking service

​Finding you are struggling to fit in walking your pet, don't let your busy schedule interfere ​with your VIP's well-being. Give the care and attention they deserve by taking advantage of my services.

​Walks can be around your neighbourhood or further afield, getting invaluable exercise, socialization and enjoying the great outdoors.

30 minute walks - Solo or Group Walks - no more than 4 dogs.

1 hour walks - Solo or Group - no more than 4 dogs.

Get in touch today with any questions about how we can help you and your furry friend.

Dogs from the same household receive discounts.

You are kept updated with text messages and photo's so you can see how much fun your VIP's having.

Puppy Visits

You can rest assure your puppy will receive the attentiveness they need. Puppy visits are full of fun and playtime with lots of cu​ddles thrown in. Your pup will be let out to encourage good toileting habits along with getting use to the outdoor world. Fresh water replenished and food given if required. Use our pet taxi service to take your puppy to the vets for their vaccinations. Once they have had all their vaccinations then puppy walks can be taken and progressing eventually onto being introduce to the rest of our wonderful VIP's.

Pop In Home Visits / Holiday Visits / Weekends away

Being locally based in Bowdon this enables us to offer you and your pets flexibility and tailored services. We are able to make in home visits either once or twice a day saving you the worry about returning home throughout the day or on your valuable lunch hour or fitting it around meetings. 

During home visits your furry friend will receive lots of cuddles and playtime, let out to stretch their legs and have some fresh air. Water will be replenished and food given if required. 

Going out of town for a few days for work or going on holiday We can offer your pets care within their familiar home environment. 

The benefits for your pet is they do not need to be going to unknown kennels and their routine does not need to be disrupted. Plus your house will not be empty whilst your away.

A tailored service for each customer.

Along with the holiday service pet care, we are able to offer extras such as bringing in the bins & post and water plants even ensure you have fresh milk in the fridge for your return cup of tea.

Pet Taxi

This service is offered to help you to continue with your busy day and allow you to keep your weekends free, without worrying about taking your pet to necessary appointments such as vet visits or grooming visits. Your pet will travel in fully insured vehicles and returned home and fresh water replenished. This service is available to our regular customers only.